In October of 2013, Brittany's friend Taylor worked at a company called Basement Systems. Taylor told Brittany, "there is a perfect position for you!" Brittany landed the job shortly afterwards! Joshua also worked there.

Brittany and Joshua would make small talk by the watercooler, while getting coffee, or when passing each other in the hallway. Among discussing their shared interests, they also discovered they lived a few miles from each other. They continued with small talk up through winter, and it wasn't until late winter where things started to get interesting.

There was a bad snowstorm. Both being hard-working, Brittany and Joshua went into work that day. As the snow started to come down more and more, they decided they would leave early. Brittany considers herself a terrible driver and did not feel comfortable driving home in the snow. Joshua was interested in Brittany, so he quickly offered to drive her home. After a scary 20-minute car ride on roads full of snow, they finally reached Brittany's house.

Brittany thanked Joshua for the generous ride home. As Brittany was walking towards her door, Joshua tried to pull out of her driveway. His car was stuck. He tried to break free for a whole thirty seconds (maybe even less) before he and his car were defeated by the snow.

While waiting for the plows to help clear the way, Brittany invited Joshua in for lunch. She heated up some sauce and homemade meatballs that her mother had made. While Joshua was commenting on how delicious the meatballs were, Brittany's curiosity piqued. They started to talk more about their interests, their dreams, and what drives them.

The snow was only getting worse. "Guess it's going to be a few more hours," Joshua said delightfully. To help pass the time, Brittany thought it'd be a good idea to share her middle school diary with Joshua. Things escalated quickly as they shared embarrassing stories with each other. Eventually, the snow stopped, the roads were clear, and it was time to leave. After that day, Brittany and Joshua grew closer and closer. Little did Brittany know that Basement Systems was where she'd meet the one.

The day




Brittany and Joshua were celebrating their 3-year anniversary at Killington. As they were about to get off the chairlift, written in the snow below them was, "Brittany, will you marry me?" Brittany was shocked. The people they shared the chairlift with were shocked. Was she the right Brittany? How many other Brittanys could there be? The question was meant for her.

They quickly got off the chairlift, surrounded by a hopeful crowd. Joshua took the knee. She said yes!